Worry-Free Fuel Delivery – When It is Convenient for You

Take advantage of your off-hours to get a jump on the competition. With Dandy Oil Product’s On-Site Refueling service, you can have diesel fuel delivered direct to your vehicles, generators or construction equipment when – and where – it’s convenient for you.

More working, less waiting

Eliminate the time your operators and drivers spend waiting to refuel their equipment or driving to a fueling station to fill up. With On-Site Refueling, their equipment is ready to go as soon as your team arrives for their shift – which means a more productive work day.

Track your fuel online

On-Site Refueling offers a secure online fuel management system that gives you the information you need to help you keep on track and on budget. With our system, you can:

  • Track each litre of fuel for each vehicle or piece of equipment
  • Generate clear, detailed volume and product price reports
  • Keep on top of your costs with itemized statements
  • Manage the fueling of each unit in your fleet
  • Register all of your accounts – whether one or fifteen, you can access their individual or combined information centrally, online
  • Access the information you need 24 hours a day

Our equipment operating data and easy-to-read reports help you make vital fuel management decisions that impact your bottom line.

How we help your operation?

On-Site Refueling saves time and helps you control costs. When diesel fuel is delivered directly to your equipment, you don’t have to handle, refill or track fuel storage on site. Your drivers and operators don’t have to wait for refueling to start their days and you have the controls in place to effectively monitor your business.

Using our automated system, we can track and record your fuel purchases by vehicle or piece of equipment. As a customer, you will have convenient access to your accounts via the Internet 24 hours a day, giving you the ability to view purchases and to manage your account online.

Dandy Oil Product’s On-Site Refueling service can help you decrease your downtime while increasing your productivity – and the results are overall savings to your operations. Have a look at the Petro-Canada On-Site Refueling website for further details, and contact Dandy Oil Products to work out a solution for you.

Contact our sales team at sales@dandyoil.com for more information!

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